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Lee has written a number of screenplays, both feature length and short film, as well as a book on the business of acting. His first novel, freedom for joe, has garnered much interest from Hollywood Execs as a feature film. It also enjoys a stellar 4.7 star rating on Amazon from readers.

Freedom for Joe


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Although Joe’s face doesn’t register any sign that he has received their request, his mind blank and in another place now, he does lie still as the mantra he’s been mumbling becomes a quiet murmur, “I can walk…I can walk…”

His mother, Sarah, on her hands and knees in the corner, helplessly watches as the nurses and doctors work to get her son turned over onto his back and stabilized.

Crouched on the floor, she keeps trying to catch his gaze through the bodies, aching to let him know – “I’m here! I’m here and I’m never leaving.”

But Joe’s eyes don’t see her. The feel of hands on his body and voices in his ears all seem a million miles away, as his mind fights to escape from the pain of this moment…


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freedom for joe


freedom for joe

The story of “freedom for joe” is for anyone. A universal look at the struggles and pitfalls of life that everyone can relate to. What will Joe do? What would I do in his situation? Ultimately, a story of hope and the search for our individual truth. Burns doesn’t hit you over the head with some sort of idealogical diatribe but rather cultivates the thinker in Joe, thereby doing the same for us. A dynamic story that will make you feel as much as it makes you think.
David Paladino
Multi-Award Winning Actor/Writer/Producer
“freedom for joe” is a warm, inspiring, exciting story that is impossible to put down. Do you like stories that make you think about them long after you you have finished reading? Do you like stories with a big twist at the end that takes you by surprise? Then ‘freedom for joe’ is your next novel!
Nancy Daley
Author of Fatty McPherson(Novel and Musical)
“freedom for joe” is a warm, inspiring, exciting story that is impossible to put down. Do you like stories that make you think about them long after you you have finished reading? Do you like stories with a big twist at the end that takes you by surprise? Then ‘freedom for joe’ is your next novel!
Wil Seabrook
Recording Artist and Co-Founder of Rock for Human Right
“freedom for joe” takes you on a journey through the life of a man we can all relate to; facing the destruction of his contrived “perfect” life and finding peace with the man inside. It is an amazing story of letting go of ego and connecting with one’s true self. “freedom for joe” is filled with incredible moments of awareness and subtle symbols that remind me of, and reconnect me to, my own spiritual path. I will read it again… And I am so excited to see the feature film when it comes out!
Adrienne Cornelsen
Entrepreneur and Catalyst for Global Diplomacy
“freedom for joe” is a page turner that I didn’t want to end! Burns has deftly woven an engaging, multi-layered story with down-to-earth characters, Native symbolism, mysticism, religious philosophy, and man’s universal search for truth. Joe’s journey is raw and real, yet tender and mystical. It will charm you and challenge you, and you will be thinking about it long after you’ve finished! I want to read it again and again!
Elizabeth McCollum
Life Improvement Coach and Mother of three
“freedom for joe” is one of the most intriguing books I have read in a very long time. Be prepared, because you will not want to put it down until you’ve read the last word. Burns pulls you in with his use of words to paint the world of “freedom for joe” so clearly that you feel you are walking alongside Joe on his journey. You begin to see yourself in Joe and can relate in many ways to his struggles — where you gain faith that you can get through them all. It teaches you there is a message for us to learn in every situation if we are open to it. There is always “Hope.”
Stephanie Roark
Forty-five year old Mom of four
“freedom for joe” is original, creative, imaginative: you won’t predict where this book will take you. It’s a story that is relevant today and will be a hundred years from now. The surface story is entertaining, touching, real and triumphant, and if you care to delve beneath the surface, the message is revelatory. One of the greatest rewards is the epiphany that Joe’s journey is your own. It is not only a tale of falling and getting back up, but one of transcending beyond the place where falling is a possibility. The tag line renders it best: “There is always hope…” – a maxim you’ll want to make your own after reading “freedom for joe.”
Craig Mooneyham
Writer/Producer/Director and Founder of Pathless Land Pictures
“freedom for joe” caught my attention right from the beginning and kept me on the edge of my seat through the final sentence. I simply HAD to see what happened next. It is written in a manner where you literally can relate the story to your own life at some point or time. It’s real, gritty, emotionally stimulating storyline will leave you questioning the way you look at life. And the layers hidden beneath the surface of the story will pull you back in for multiple reads…I DEMAND a sequel!
Chrissy Speir
Wife, Mom, and Lover of Friends and Wine
“Let me start by saying that I have never been an avid reader, but I was so intrigued by this novel that I read it in two sittings! “freedom for joe” is inspiring, amazing and captivating. It draws you into the story to the point that you actually feel like you are the characters themselves…you feel every emotion. The story itself makes you think about life situations and the possibilities you may not have realized that you have the ability to change. I absolutely loved “freedom for joe” and can not wait for another novel from this extraordinary writer!”
Linda Rudder
Optimistic Dreamer
This was an engaging, thoughtful and exciting read! Captivated me and held me throughout to its wonderful ending. This is a really down-to-earth story that can engage the reader at his/her core. Open the cover, hang on and enjoy the ride to its very up-lifting conclusion! Aloha!
Robert Belcastro
An Island ‘joe’


freedom for joe

Based on his novel. Joe Gilmore, a professional quarterback, is running from his conscience, his religious mother and the pain of a deceased father in the darker side of the limelight of his celebrity and success. When he finds himself in a rehab center, his life is forever changed, by a Man like no one he has ever known, who shows up with humorous conversations and illuminating illustrations that help Joe to see what is truly causing the turmoil in his life. Through his experiences with the Man, Joe realizes he has more power than he ever dreamed. ‘freedom for joe’ is a very atypical spiritual story; edgy, gritty, honest and intense, with a unique blend of fantasy elements and realism, that has an overall message of the power of the individual being and a pure, personal connection to the freedom and truth that lies within each person.

Status: Available

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Heroes for Free

“On the morning of Feb. 15, 1999, in Lake Worth, Texas, I had just returned from shopping with my wife when my sister-in-law called to check on me. “Turn on the TV,” my wife yelled from the other room. I flipped it on and immediately saw the Precious Faith Temple in flames. Within seconds I had thrown on one of my Lake Worth Fire Department t-shirts and rushed out the door, speeding the two miles away to the church.

When I arrived the building had already collapsed and the hot spots were being extinguished. I began to help my friends and brother firefighters with the clean-up as I picked up pieces of the story along the way. I found Chief Mark Cone. When I saw his face, I remembered how strong and unshakeable he had seemed to me when he presented me with the Rookie of the Year award, just three short years ago. That face now looked like the weight of the world had been laid across his strong shoulders. I gave him a tight hug, “God will get you through this,” I told him. “I know,” he said, nodding his head. Over the next hours I would gather with my brothers as we stood shoulder to shoulder forming a human wall to shield the reporters’ cameras from viewing as we passed my friend Phillip Dean’s body out of the debris, followed by my brothers by bond of service, Brian Collins and Garry Sanders.

Later, at our station, I would learn of the heroics of my captain Shawn Garrett, who had just jumped to safety as the roof had crumbled beneath his feet, before turning back to see Saginaw firefighter Roby Judge clinging to the edge of the remaining roof and hurrying over to pull him up to safety. Shawn, also a paramedic, then climbed down the ladder and hurried over to bandage and “package” two burned firefighters to prepare them to be air-lifted to the hospital. I would comfort Assistant Chief Mark Hunka as he cried over not finding Phillip Dean, Brian Collins and Garry Sanders in his rescue attempts. Mark had rushed inside when the roof started coming in and shouted for all firefighters to exit the building, kicked in a door and pulled two of the burned firefighters to safety, at great personal risk, but all he could think of was the brothers he didn’t find. Both Assist. Chief Hunka and Captain Garret were later awarded medals of valor.

In the next days, I would see thousands of brethren, some from as far away as California and Washington, at the funerals of my comrades. I would drive one of the Lake Worth Fire Department engines in the procession of more than 100 fire trucks alone, while strangers stood for hours in the rain, their hands over their hearts as we passed by. I would attend three beautiful funerals, including one where even fire clowns were crying. On the last day raindrops would mix with our tears, prompting an old Ft. Worth Chief to say, “After three days, even God had to cry.” I would witness brotherhood and community grieving and caring beyond my wildest dreams.

But my name or likeness will not appear in this film, because this is not my story. This is the story of my brothers; the story of their beautiful lives and inspiring deaths, the story of their families and those closest to them, the story of men who are willing to drop their entire lives for someone, anyone, in need. This is the story of Heroes for Free.”

Status: Available

Brotherhood of Light

A trilogy, in progress.

The battle we’ve been told from the beginning of our religious yearnings, good vs. evil, dark vs. light, angels vs. demons, is real. But it isn’t a battle that is after you die. And it isn’t happening in the heavens above us. It is here. On earth. And it is now.
Michael Stearns died, and on his way to the light his journey was interrupted by the repeated jolts of an ambulance defibrillator. But the shock of what he saw inside the beam of light, in the flashes of a moment where the joules raced through his human body back on earth, have left him more disturbed than the fact that he is now back from the dead and running for his life.

Inside the sun, the news reaches the Brotherhood of Light. The team prepares for human bodies, as the somewhat unusual officers Brown and Jones are already on the hunt for Michael, back on earth.

The pace of Minority Report, the concepts of The Matrix and the out of body experiences of Flatliners, all comes to life in The Brotherhood of Light.

Status: Available

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