I am writing this success story many months after attending the Games seminar because I’ve realized that participating in your seminar was the turning point for me to begin making major changes in my life and I want to acknowledge you for it.

After participating in the Games seminar, I realized that I had been shrinking and pulling back from life—only allowing myself to play small, safe, comfortable games. The worst part was that I had not even been aware that I was PLAYING a game! And in this unaware state, life was also VERY serious.

I noticed immediately after the seminar that my spirit of play was rekindled. I love your special technique for getting out of seriousness! Now, I was seeing my life as a game. Thanks to the new, creative way that you compiled and presented the LRH tech in your seminar, I came away with an expanded viewpoint of the game of life and also of myself. I now KNEW that I was a thetan who had the specific LRH tools necessary to play any of life’s games and WIN!

Two things really stood out for me that day – The Power of Choice as an element of games and the datum from YOUR POST AND LIFE that, “If one knows the tech of how to do something and can do it and uses it, he cannot be the adverse effect of it.” Whoa! Getting this data in a new unit of time was a KRC kick in the pants for me. Seriously. I realized that along with the privilege of being a Scientologist, comes the duty to BE CAUSATIVE OVER LIFE and improve conditions for myself and my fellow man. My responsibility level across my dynamics rocketed way up.

Shortly after the seminar, I changed jobs to a better one so I could flow more energy to our group. I moved to a nicer apartment with the rent going to a Scientologist. I helped more at the org to get it to Ideal. All of these changes were great, but something was still missing. I revisited the Elements of Games data. It struck me that the barriers and purposes of my games weren’t big enough. Hmmm. How does one increase the barriers and purposes of one’s games? CHOOSE MORE RESPONSIBILITY AND INCREASE THE SIZE OF THE GAME! So, I joined the Sea Org.

Thank you, Lee, for being passionate about sharing LRH tech and thereby helping me and others to win at the game of life. Game on!


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