A wise man once told me, ‘If you want to be successful, go find a successful person and do what they did. Lee Burns is not only very successful in his field, but he has mastered how to help others.

Lee is one of the few people who have taken the subject of success and made it fun and interesting with amazing stories, examples and involvement.

Over the years I’ve attended plenty of seminars where people simply regurgitate the same information they read in books from other successful people. Those are better than nothing, but many of us need examples of application, stories and live communication to figure out how to apply that tech to our own lives. Lee provides exactly that!

Lee has also figured out a way to strategically lay out these techniques in a perfect step-by-step gradual approach, without overwhelming me.

As a result of attending Lee’s seminar (I have been to 4 so far) I have learned how to approach life as a game and not to focus on the barriers. How to achieve MY PURPOSE, instead of an obligatory enforced “responsibility”, which was what I was stuck in before.

Life is a game. A game has components and rules. If you don’t know how to play the game you will fail.

Attend the seminar, you will not be sorry!


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