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I recently had a really big win that Lee’s seminar had an impact on. My wife was being reg’d while she is at Flag to finish our Patron with the IAS. We needed approximately $23,000 to finish it. We have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in service, IAS and Ideal Org donations over the last 2 years and truly felt tapped out. My wife agreed to a $5000 flow last week and then got into another reg cycle a few days later. She told them no, then she realized that she was the one stopping the cycle by focusing on debt and other commitments have (making the barrier the purpose). Once she spotted that she very sanely decided to remove herself from the cycle and call me. She told me that the she knew that doing the Patron was the right thing to do and asked me to handle it. I instantly agreed with her because I was looking at the purpose of the whole thing. I knew there were barriers but I didn’t care. I immediately said that I would handle it (focusing on my freedom). Three phone calls later and a total of 10 minutes of conversations and it was done…we became the newest Patrons of the IAS. I just followed the LRH data that Lee presents so beautifully and it worked amazing (as if there were any doubt). I appreciate Lee for explaining the tech in such a way that for me, made easily duplicatable and implementable. It is almost natural to me at this point. To add to the story I leave in about 5 weeks to go do my OT levels and I do not have $1 on account for them. I knew this when I did the cycle with the IAS but I didn’t care and still don’t. I know with 100% certainty that I will show up in approximately 5 weeks with everything fully paid for. I am not sure how yet but mark my words, it will be done, because my purpose is big enough. I recognize and am confident in my freedoms and ability to bend this MEST universe therefore I do not care about the barriers . I dare you to check and see if I’m true to my word. Thanks Lee Burns!! Eric Toohey

Austin, TX

UPDATE: I made it. I wanted to share with the world how beautiful it is to be auditing on Solo NOTs. I’ve been auditing at home for a couple days now and I can actually perceive the change I am making in the world and in my life. The amazing thing about GATII for OT’s is how easy, precise and quick it is.

In An Open Letter To All Clears LRH says that is our duty to protect the repute of the state of Clear by exemplary conduct. The next duty is to attain OT soon as possible. Well, I made it here as quickly as I could to honor LRH’s wishes by being an example, to show the world it can be done, and fast. If you take out the HCO apprenticeship that I did at LA Org for staff after OTV, I went from a Clear, Solo 1 comp to onto OT VII in 3 months and 3 weeks. I did it to show everyone it can be done. I did it because I now see why LRH says it’s the only faintest chance we have. This universe needs your help. Time is MEST that moves under your consideration.

Please decide to do this. We need you. It’s the only thing that can change the world to the degree that it needs to be changed. All you have to do is decide and show up. I promise it’s worth it. And that is an understatement of magnitude.

“Lee blew me away with his insouciance and approach to especially barriers that helps you to frame what you are doing and the success you are having in a way that keeps you focused on your big goal. Magnificent.” Tracy Repchuk

Los Angeles, CA

7 Time #1 International bestselling author, World-Renown speaker, Online Brand and Lead Conversion Specialist
“Lee Burns is a master inspirer!! He is a rare combination of creativity, entertainment and education. He knows how to weave all three of these essential ingredients to masterfully engage, excite and motivate an audience of any size. He is a joy to experience live. As a speaker I’ve traveled to 16 countries delivering thousands of presentations and seminars all over the world for over 30+ years and I can tell you I know a superstar when I see one. He easily fits that bill and he lives and breathes what he teaches. He’s an authentic voice that raises people upwards!!!” Joe Yazbeck

Clearwater, FL

President, Prestige Leadership Advisors Author, Best-seller, No Fear Speaking International master speaker and coach

“My biggest win from the seminar was the realization that whenever one plays a game, Barriers will be apart of that game. It just is. Lee provided an actual action anyone can do to not get stuck (stuck attention) in the barriers.” John Conley

Dallas, TX

“I am writing this success story many months after attending the Games seminar because I’ve realized that participating in your seminar was the turning point for me to begin making major changes in my life and I want to acknowledge you for it.”

“After participating in the Games seminar, I realized that I had been shrinking and pulling back from life—only allowing myself to play small, safe, comfortable games. The worst part was that I had not even been aware that I was PLAYING a game! And in this unaware state, life was also VERY serious.”

“I noticed immediately after the seminar that my spirit of play was rekindled. I love your special technique for getting out of seriousness! Now, I was seeing my life as a game. Thanks to the new, creative way that you compiled and presented the LRH tech in your seminar, I came away with an expanded viewpoint of the game of life and also of myself. I now KNEW that I was a thetan who had the specific LRH tools necessary to play any of life’s games and WIN!”

“Two things really stood out for me that day – The Power of Choice as an element of games and the datum from YOUR POST AND LIFE that, “If one knows the tech of how to do something and can do it and uses it, he cannot be the adverse effect of it.” Whoa! Getting this data in a new unit of time was a KRC kick in the pants for me. Seriously. I realized that along with the privilege of being a Scientologist, comes the duty to BE CAUSATIVE OVER LIFE and improve conditions for myself and my fellow man. My responsibility level across my dynamics rocketed way up.”

“Shortly after the seminar, I changed jobs to a better one so I could flow more energy to our group. I moved to a nicer apartment with the rent going to a Scientologist. I helped more at the org to get it to Ideal. All of these changes were great, but something was still missing. I revisited the Elements of Games data. It struck me that the barriers and purposes of my games weren’t big enough. Hmmm. How does one increase the barriers and purposes of one’s games? CHOOSE MORE RESPONSIBILITY AND INCREASE THE SIZE OF THE GAME! So, I joined the Sea Org.”

“Thank you, Lee, for being passionate about sharing LRH tech and thereby helping me and others to win at the game of life. Game on!”

Jocelyn Brooks

Manitoba, Canada

“Lee is one of the few people who have taken the subject of success and made it fun and interesting with amazing stories, examples and involvement.

I’ve been to plenty of seminars where people simply regurgitate policy and tech. Those are better than nothing, but many of us need examples of application, stories and then 2-way communication to figure out how to apply that tech to our own lives. Lee provides exactly that!

Lee has also figured out a way to strategically lay out the tech in a perfect step-by-step gradient approach, following the Study Technology without overwhelming me.

As a result of attending Lee’s seminar (I have been to 4 so far) I have learned how to approach life as a game and not to focus on the barriers. How to use the tech to my advantage to achieve MY PURPOSE, instead of an obligatory enforced “responsibility”, which was what I was stuck in before.

Life is a game. A game has components and rules. If you don’t know how to play the game you will fail.

Attend the seminar, you will not be sorry!”

Ari Cohen

Austin, TX

“I attended Lee Burn’s seminar at AOLA about a year and half ago. I knew him from acting days when he was here in LA and I saw the stat graph AO sent out to promote the event that showed his Income graph which went from a very low Non E trend to a steep, steep Affluence and into a Power trend.

As a business owner myself I was extra curious of what caused the major condition change as I am always looking for successful actions people employ in life.

I attended the seminar and he went through some very basic, stable LRH pieces of tech that were the pieces of tech he used that brought about this change. Without supplying those herein this success story, suffice it to say that there were a couple of things he said that hit me between the eyes and I had to confront my own situation in relation to them.
From that point, I made some serious decisions and changes in how I was doing things.

My own condition was plodding along but needed a stiff kick in the pants to drastically change conditions.

I decided to hone-in on these very pieces of tech that Lee mentioned to start with and
confront them in my own right for real. One of the hard truths I had to swallow, especially
from having executive staff experience over 12 years, not to mention being a 19 year multibusiness owner, was that I was in essence, a dilettante and not truly being a Scientologist when it came to a couple of major LRH datums.

I buckled down and decided to confront these areas by rolling up my sleeves and doing some training in the areas. Besides employing study tech from the new Student Hat courses, I ensured I also received M2s on them as well to really make certain that I left no unknown MUs
– I was serious about this!!!

It was not overnight, I had to work and get through these courses but as you can see from my income stat graph I pushed like hell to now use what I knew to change my conditions.
Since that time, I have also completed Pro TRs, Upper Indoc, Metering at CC INT. and will be at AOLA starting SOLO Jan 29th 2019 and am on target to be auditing on OT VII in 2019!!

I highly recommend going to Lee’s seminars and even going again if you have gone once in order to continue implementing and chiseling all the various successful actions into creation”

Annie Brown

Pasadena, CA

“Let the ripples grow to tidal waves…” – I’ve been to many events and presentations.
Your “life lived, and Games Tech and how that all fits”, is SO Powerful and Fundamental. Good, Excellent, Vitally needed stuff.

You WILL see “waves made, great cause points expanded, ‘the good’ helping many people and families,” from this fundamental view / ability to be cause point (re: games, the opposite of is not living, basically being dead), again the Cause Point view that you share and demonstrate with your events.

My past cause, my past games that were made to die, were in network marketing (which I succeeded at, largely, 3 times). I have a clean, good, nobody gets hurt, everyone shows up to get trained and get better, “open road kind of game” that I’ve been stalled on. But now (with your help of references and examples) I can go forward on it. So, I’m just one example of “impact on society, helped because Lee Burns took the time to help de-bug me”.

Dude. You are “Yoda,” with a laser beam…”

Frank Harvey

Clearwater, FL

There’s a very important win that I somehow completely forgot to include on my survey and should share with you. I realized that along the track I too have had the game of saving the world – through the arts. A big beautiful game! But I Q&A’d with the game of fighting suppressives & making them wrong and thereby abandond my real game. The big change here is that I didn’t just get suppressed and fail. I didn’t just stack up failed purposes. I abandoned my game & got into other, small games. For instance, the game of being unable in order to make the SP’s guilty & reform them.:/ When I spotted this in your seminar my beingness just expanded – it was so validating! Now, for the first time I see the correct handling. Everything else I’ve learned from Ron on this falls in place, such as getting hatted on PTS/SP tech, RPEC, Flourish & Prosper, handling old postulates & case with auditing, getting hatted on admin & ethics tech, clearing words, etc. Most basically the way to handle the game & the barriers the SP’s presented – how to flourish & prosper – is clear. It’s so obvious, simple, & doable! And now to do otherwise would be intentional suicide. I have the freedom to NOT commit suicide! A million thank you for this gift Lee! There will be more ways to appropriately thank you as we go forward!
Abundant ARC,

Jeff Soniat

Baton Rouge, LA

Studio for Fine Arts

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