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Lee Burns

As an entrepreneur, Lee plays a significant role in a number of projects. Here are a few.

Apex Protect GPS

As a co-founder and VP of Operations at Apex Protect GPS Lee has helped to shape Apex Protect GPS from the ground up. Apex’s products, systems and programs help franchise car dealers across the nation.

Lee is the driving force behind Apex Protect’s proven franchise model. He has produced processes that are virtually unrivaled in the industry. His programs have created a coordinated, seamless flow through the dealerships, which have helped dealers automate their inventory management, optimize dealer staff production and efficiency, provide added value and increased profitability. There is simply no other person in the industry better than Lee at implementing GPS preloads for new car franchise dealers, nor anyone who has overseen more successful franchised dealer preloads and ongoing programs.

Never one to shy away from wearing multiple hats at once, as head of product development, Lee has just finished helping to push through Apex’s new motorsports GPS device. A project that has brought him as much fun as it has new challenges.


Based in large part on the successes of the programs and implementation processes Lee helped develop at Apex Protect GPS, the mega vehicle insurance and protection product provider Safe-Guard Products International happily partnered with Apex, and their manufacturing partner Procon Analytics, to provide their new GPS product to franchise dealers across their platform.

As a crucial part of this partnership, Lee also now serves as the Chief Operating Officer and Advisor to the Board at Apex Connect GPS, the new company formed to produce the ZAZ GPS brand and provide Safe-Guard with the GPS product and program worthy of their top-level brand.


As Founder and President, Lee is the brainchild behind +comm, (short for positive communication), a new type of social media platform. One that embraces positivity, without completely shunning our occasional need to vent.

Perhaps +comm’s mission statement, penned by Lee, says it best: “At +comm we recognize and defend each person’s inherent right to communicate whatever they wish to communicate. However, we also recognize each person’s equally inherent right to only receive that communication which they desire. And +comm was created to have a place where both rights and desires can be served. And to have a safe place to be positive about it all!! Except when you’re not…

You see, if you pay too much attention to what seems to get most of the “buzz” in our world today, you might get the impression that it is an angry, confused and dangerous place. But when you disconnect from the “noise” and really look, it’s amazing how much positive energy you see in the HUGE majority of everyday life. And at +comm, we have created a place to share that with each other, along with channels for whichever type of positive communication you are looking for, at any given time.

Now, we don’t have our heads stuck in the sand and we do realize that frustrations and negativity exist. Heck, we even feel it ourselves at times. So, we’re aware that sometimes a good vent is necessary to get it all out. And that’s why we even have a channel for that; the –rant channel. A place to get out your negativity without spreading it across all the other + channels.

You may have noticed our quote across the banner, “My momma always told me, if you don’t have something nice to say…” I think we all know how that ends, “…don’t say anything at all.” It isn’t just our motto here, it’s also part of your user agreement. So, if you happen to come across a post, on any of the channels other than the -rant channel, that strikes you as antagonistic, angry, covertly hostile, fearful, full of grief or apathy, PLEASE DON’T RESPOND TO IT. Just ignore it, or, if you feel the need, report it to our team and we will address it. Then remove it from your mind and continue on to the 99+% of other positive posts that ARE appropriate for all the + channels on +comm. And when you spot one that may be all bubbly and positive, but you don’t agree with it, try observing what my momma always said.

Part of our mission is to give people the power to build a community of positive thinkers and bring the world closer together. Every day, people come to +comm to share their stories, see the world through the eyes of others and connect with friends and causes. The conversations that happen on +comm reflect the diversity of our subscribers. We want people to feel safe when using +comm.”

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