Find out more about the book, release dates, special offers...


Find out more about the book, release dates, special offers...

My Mission

I am FOR you winning at YOUR TRUE GAME. I am AGAINST YOU GETTING LOST in the seemingly infinite number of GAMES THAT LIFE THROWS AT YOU.


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A Message From Lee

“It’s ‘How to play the game better.'"

Jan King

“The absolutely best way to spend an afternoon to change the rest of your life.”

Mark Feldhamer

“Simple, Direct, Powerful, Encouraging practical methods to use NOW!”

Jim Risinger

“Until you understand how to handle the barriers you have, as a vital part of the fabric of life, you just can’t win. This seminar gives you the simple, very simple data to achieve anything you reach for.”

Jean LeFebvre

“If you want to be successful in life you need to get these basics!”

Lyndelle Ballard

“If you truly want to flourish and prosper in life, do this seminar.”

Eric Whittier

“This is a must attend seminar. Your success and prosperous future depends on it.”

Clifford Woods

“You have to go! This will empower you to be successful and help others in turn.”

Amy McMurroucett

“I highly recommend going to Lee’s seminar. Not only will you likely learn something new, but you’ll get to see real life examples of how to apply formulas the RIGHT WAY!”

Lafayette Silva

“It’s a great seminar to refocus your understanding of flourish and prosper and address tough questions about your success.”

Claudia Silva

“If you are having any difficulty in achieving your goals in Life, come to Lee Burns’ seminar!”

Gareth Ellzey

“You need to do this seminar! It gives vital data on how to be cause over all the crap that life throws at you!”

Lorie Black

“You will learn how to play your game so you win and win big!”

Patricia Ross

“You should go. This man is incredible and we all need to apply this data.”

Nancy Eckhardt

“This seminar is how to really achieve your purposes and goals.”

Diane Baggs

“Do this seminar – it will save your life! You will get what you want out of life!”

Cindy Feldhamer

Are You Ready To Play Your True Game?

How can I help you?

Are You Ready To Play Your True Game?

How can I help you?

"It's Time to Play YOUR True Game!"

Annie Brown

Pasadena, CA

“I highly recommend going to Lee’s seminars and even going again if you have gone once in order to continue implementing and chiseling all the various successful actions into creation.”

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Wil Seabrook

Clearwater, FL

“Lee delivers that most wonderful combination of boundless positive energy and extremely relevant and helpful information. He genuinely wants other people to succeed and offers…”

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Frank Harvey

Clearwater, FL

Now (with your help of references and examples) I can go forward on it. So, I’m just one example of “impact on society, helped because Lee took the time to help me”…You are “Yoda,” with a laser beam…

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“Every Barrier You Face is Exactly as Big and Powerful and Serious as You Decide it is”


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